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 The full name of the federation is the Public Association "Azerbaijan Cheerleading Federation", abbreviated name - "ACF". In its activities, the ACF
adheres to the principles, goals and objectives of the Olympic Movement, operates in close cooperation with The National Olympic Committee, the
Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan. ACF also cooperates with the Ministry of youth and sport of the Azerbaijan Republic and
with the sports organizations in questions of mass involvement of the population to physical culture and healthy lifestyle, trainings, formations of
national teams and their participation on mezhdun native tournaments and collecting.
 Within the powers, ACF also develops and strengthens international relations with the sports organizations of foreign countries. At present, ACF
includes 4 directions and 12 disciplines as sports in which elements of gymnastics, acrobatics, and other similar sports are applied.

The analysis of condition of cheerleading in Azerbaijan and in the world.

1994 year is considered the period of formation of the Azerbaijani Cheerleading. At this particular time, in Baku, the cheerleading begins to function
as support groups at mass competitions of such sports as volleyball, soccer, five-a-side. Since that time this sport has become widely known among
the population in particular of youth. In Azerbaijan First Cheerleading "Championship" has passed in June, 2016 in the Olympic Sports Complex of
"Frontier guards". The second "Championship" has passed in April, 2017 in MIA SS "Dinamo". Now to ACF (Azerbaijan Cheerleading Federation) have
joined the "Customs office", and some more clubs of the city of Baku, and also clubs of some regions have submitted applications.

The history of the emergence of Cheerleading.

  Without doubts, each of us at least once in life watched the American movie about school students and
  noticed that the most popular and charming girls are participants of support group of the basketball or
  soccer teams, so-called cheerleaders there. Their incendiary and dynamic performances in the intervals
  between halves, bright fluffy pompoms, beautiful costumes, rhythmic dances, twine, loud vocals, acro-
  batic stunts, all this, at times, caused no less splash of emotions and inspiration among the public than
  the game itself. Though at many associations have remained the same, today cheerleading — it is much
  more, than just tricks of fans. Now it is officially recognized sport on which competitions of various
  scales are around the world held and sports categories are awarded. The cheerleading has arisen in the
  USA in the 1870th years and has got the widest circulation to the middle of the 20th century.In the
  1860th years in the student's environment in Great Britain became fashionable to encourage athletes
  during the competitions, and soon this trend has extended also in the United States. The first club of
  support groups has been organized in New Jersey at the Princeton university in 1865. The saying, at one
  football game in Princeton Thomas Peebles has brought together six people who were built before
  stands with students and during all game chanted chants, inducing other audience to support favorite

  But year of origin of cheerleading it is considered to be nevertheless 1898. This year at the soccer team of the Minnesota university the season
obviously did not develop. And before another game at university the meeting at which there were students with has taken place all faculties. One of
professors who are present there has put forward the brilliant scientific thesis in favor of spectator lift of athletes at competitions. He claimed that
the incentive of several hundred students is focused on positive energy which goes to team and helps it to win victory. Its final remark was: "We go
to Madison! We go to Madison! Let's apply the law of positive incentives!" Game, but, contrary to all expectations has taken place, the team of the
Minnesota university was crushed with the score 28:0. Really such support has not worked? It was necessary to think up something else. And then
Johnny Campbell, the first-year student of medical faculty has appeared. It is possible to call him the first cheerleader. Johnny has explained that
someone has to direct chant, and chants have to be various. Therefore at next game under the leadership of Campbell the audience chanted chant
which has become history subsequently: "Rah, Rah, Rah! Sku-u-mar, Hoo-Rah! Hoo-Rah! Varsity! Varsity! Varsity, Minn-e-So-Tah!".
  Thus, in the USA the cheerleading has arisen. It is difficult to believe in it, but in the beginning this sport was more popular among strong half.
However, when in the 40th years on the front the huge number of men has left, the situation has sharply changed, and now more than 90% of
cheerleaders make women. The active participation in cheerleading of women has begun in the twenties last century. At University of Minnesota
cheerleaders have entered elements of gymnastics and jumps into the programs, and the idea to take away special sector for cheerleaders belongs
to Lindli Bothuell from University of the State of Oregon. In the late forties, when men have returned from the front, such elements as turns and
twistings have been added to cheerleading. Gymnastic elements were, as a rule, carried out by men while girls danced. It has also laid the foundation
for formation of dancing commands.

  In 1948 Laurence Harquimer has organized the first camp for cheerleaders. It has taken place at the
  Southern Methodist university where 52 girls have taken part. Then the National organization of
  cheerleading has been founded. Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Bush Jr. were in due time cheerleaders.
  In the 1950th years cheerleaders began to hold special seminars in colleges,on which taught everyone
  of basis of this sport. In the 30th years at universities and colleges began to use actively pompons —
  attribute which is the business card of cheerleading to this day. The modern vinyl pompon was invented
  by Fred Gastoff in 1965 and has presented to the International organization of cheerleading. In 1967 it
  has been decided to make annual rating "10 best kolledzhskikh of teams on cheerleading" to define
  applicants for participation in the competition "Cheerleader of America". In the early seventies the
  cheerleading becomes more and more popular. Besides that cheerleaders competed at games on
  soccer and to basketball, support groups began to appear also on school sports meets. The first televi-
  sion broadcast of the championship on cheerleading among teams of colleges, organized at the
  initiative of the International organization of cheerleading, has taken place in the spring of 1978 on the
  channel CBS-TV.In 1980 official standards and safety rules which forbade some injury-causing somer-
  saults and pyramids have been established. Cheerleading competitions among juniors and adult teams
  were held already across all United States. This sport began to develop in national scales, special
  courses and trainers began to appear on to cheerleading.

International Cheerleading Structures

In Europe sports cherlidingovy structures have begun to appear at the end of the 20th century. Germany at the initiative of which in 1995
the European Cheerleading Union (ECU) has been formed acts as the leader of the European cheerleading movement and the first European
championship is held. Today the European Cheerleading Union includes the countries: Austria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Italy,
Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro, Ukraine, Finland, France, Croatia, Sweden.

The international Union of Cheerleading (ICU) has been founded in 2001. Members of ICU, except member countries of the European Union of
Cheerleading Japan, the USA, Taiwan, China, Brazil, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, the Republic of South Africa are. The headquarters of ICU is in
Tokyo, in the same place in 2001 the first cheerleading World Cup has been held. In November, 2010 and April, 2011 Executive committee (delegation)
of ICU took part in work of the Conference of Sportakkord.

About Cheerleading:

Cheerleading is a means of involving children and young people in physical education.

Cheerleading - it is separate sport.

Cheerleading - this maintenance of sports events.

Cheerleading - it escorts of teams during their competitive activity.

Cheerleading - these are demonstration performances on cultural and mass sporting events

Cheerleading competitions are held in the form of competitions of groups of athletes (further – teams) with assessment of their performances on ball system.
Competitions are held according to These Rules and Rules of the International Cheerleading Union (ICU).
In case of sports situations of the Rules which are not provided by this edition, they are treated proceeding from Rules (ICU).
Cheerleading competitions are held in the following sports disciplines:

Cheerleading as separate Sport

Maintenance of Sports Events
Escorts of Teams during
of their Competitive Activity


Команды в составе которых участники и мужского и женского пола

Demonstration performances on
Cultural and Mass Sporting Events

Групповые станты

Стант группы(3-5 спортсменов) из участников женского пола.

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